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anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. baltimore county police investigating several abductions, two of which were sexual assaulted. in both cases, the victim was robbed at gun point. >> two arrests were made last night but police believe there may be many more victims. they're asking anyone with information to call either baltimore city or baltimore county detectives. >> animal control removed 40
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animals from this home. shane taylor had everything from chickens to a pig and that the animals were well cared for, but animal control said they were not kept properly. he promised to make changes and better care for them. a 23-year-old firefighter was facing charges that he sexually abused two 14 years old. he said anthony cottle attacked him and the teen reported seeing cottle attacking one of his friends. cottle was a probationary firefighter. he was also an active member of the lansdowne fire department. both have suspended him pending the outcome of the criminal cases. weather wise, wet through the day. at one point we had low level flooding in parts of carroll county and especially montgomery county and the d.c. area. scattered showers.
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parts of the eastern shore from northern queen anne's county, to cecil county. all of us damp. all of us with moisture. so fog is breaking out. two miles visibility. we're down to less than a half vibe. large system will bring the chance for more showers tonight and tomorrow but for the evening, watching for that fog. we'll talk about how things change by friday coming up. all right, orioles. fans, keep your hands up. it's another day. >> there's a chance the orioles can tie it. let's go to christian schaffer. we'll get to james shields. you can count on that. >> the orioles could still win that division. if they don't, they're hoping to secure the game. the orioles are wrapping up. you'll see mark reynolds where he played so well and like they
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decide last night at tropicana field, the orioles, when they take the field, will have a decent crowd behind them. these orioles fans just arrived in st. petersburg today. >> i'm hoping that half the people are our fans. >> reporter: jim lives in new orleans but grew new baltimore county idolizing you know who. >> there were two thinks we fought about in little lig, who would be short stop and who would wear number eight. >> reporter: katy is originally from pg county. >> if they actually make the playoffs, i will have to make a trip to clam den -- camden
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yards. >> to win the next two games, hopefully take down the yankees, wen the als. >> the whole hope is they can win. i think that's probably most everybody's hope, except for the yankees. >> the rays lost. oakland won its game and so the rays were eliminated from playoff contention. however in speaking with some of the orioles, they expect a prepared and very good team. buck showalter talked about it. we'll see what happens as the orioles try it get back up after last night's loss. live in tropicana field, christian schaffer. >> what's it like to be in a visiting ballpark and see the orange taken over. >> reporter: i had my camera
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focused up in the stands and the orioles are ready for that one big hit but it didn't quite come. we're going to have some of that coming up at 6:00. >> all right. we'll see you then. should the orm and yankees -- orioles and the yankees tie, there will be a playoff on thursday. tickets for that game are on sale right now at just a couple minutes ago tickets were still available, good seats still available. >> all right. and you can find all the news on and don't forget to upload your favorite fan photos. >> we've been telling you about the story for weeks now, delays and cancellations playing american airlines, but things have gotten a whole lot worse. imagine you're cruising at 33,000 feet on a -- 30,000 feet
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in a jumbo jet and your seat becomes unbolted and you and up in the lap of the person behind you. >> reporter: american airlines said the multiple issues with seats have nothing to do with disgruntled workers. >> this is a mechanical issue. that's all it s it's not -- it is. it's not related toian thing else. >> reporter: yet another plane, this time an american flight had rows of seats come loose. >> loose in the back. we need to return. >> reporter: all required an emergency landing. this woman who didn't want her face shown was onboard one of the seats. >> the seat flipped backward. people were essentially on the lap of the passengers behind them with their legs up in the air.
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>> reporter: just this morning an american flight to london was forced to make an emergency flight in london. these mid-air scares are retd tribiewtion for -- retribution for a labor dispute. >> it could be sabotage or this could be sloppiness but either way, it's a disaster for the airline. >> reporter: this morning american told abc news it is inspecting eight 757's in its seats which could have problems. t.j. winick, abc news, new york. >> that's kind of scary. it's a hot topic. so would you still consider booking a seat with american airlines. >> i remember sitting in a plan and the guy comes by.
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honda recalling one of its most larp brands -- popular brands. >> and a great deal but something you will need to look for before and after your next shopping trip. >> i'm chief meteorologist wyatt everhart. you seat rain coming down in waves. what does hour wednesday hold in -- our wentz hold -- wednesday hold in store?
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if you drive a honda accord, honda is recall half a million accords because of a potential fire risk. it involves the accord v6 from 2003 to twef-- 2007. so far there have been no crashes or injuries. honda legallers will fix the problem for free but replacement parts won't be available until early next year. some good news for the upcoming holiday shopping see son. toys 'r us will match its prices against competitive stores. the items will be sold at babies
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r us and they will match this. customers can get a price adjustment on the purchase if they see the item advertised for a lower price for up to seven days after their purchase. the retailer always have a free layaway. it runs through halloween. after that you have to pay a $5 service fee. >> everybody on the floor. "dancing with the stars" all stars. we'll show you the first night of action. >> now look directly at your tv screen. how do you feel? warm, fuzzy? keep watching. you'll' feel better.
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still a few showers through parts of southern maryland primarily. the overall broader sweep showing rainfall. spots have had half an inch to well over an inch. sometimes too much too fast in southern carroll county, southern howard county and gom go. showers in southern maryland and one renegade thunderstorm in delaware. on the whole we have not seen a lot of new rain in the last hour or so. in annapolis we had quite a bit of rain on and off. ugly looking day. your classic october gray rolling in with downpours. take a look at the mountains. in frostburg tough to see and this fog is something we're looking to overspread central maryland as well. you get the idea of reducing the visibility out there. it could be tough to drive. this could last into your early morning commute. take a look at the current conditions in baltimore.
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we've got 70 with humidity at 90%, very muggy air, very little wind. that, plus the rain, a recipe for more fog. temperatures low 60s to the west. 70 in baltimore. we have 80s on the eastern shore. warm air has moved in from the south. here are the visibility reports, 10-miles to the horizon. we don't have that. we have 20% of normal in baltimore, york. in dulles less than a mile. declining visibility as you go west into the high country. some dense fog possible. still patchy fog lingering potentially into the early morning, so watching out for. that other than that a misty evening. the main wave of rain has pushed to the east. the main storm system, although it seen the first wave through, it's in the upper midwest, so we're not done with
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this slow moving east coast storm system that still could bring showers, maybe thunderstorms into the day tomorrow, a couple different frontal boundaries. the warm front. there will be fog around that. then the cool front tries to knock the warm air out. as it does that, that could spark a few showers. drier air moves in as we move into the day on friday. a fresh cold front will come in and really drop temperatures. this new wave looking more ominous with a 70% chance of becoming a named tropical depression. 67 with rain tapering off with the chance for scattered showers. rain tomorrow evening will tape are off once again. the outlook, a new showers lingering. warm days ahead. friday sunshine and breezy weather with the next front approaching saturday. we may never get out of the 60s. looks like we'll barely get out of the 50s. sunday could be a raw, rainy
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day. check out our abc2 weather app. three app the for you, our news app, weather app. check them out at the itune store or for your droid. we are one day away from the most anticipated night of the election season. tory dunnan joins us at the site of the first debate. i know the candidates are behind closed doors in debate mode. a lot of pressure coming up in the next 24 hours. >> reporter: kelly, you got that right. both campaigns say these candidates have actually met each other a few times in person but they'll be seeing a lot of each other tomorrow night in denver in the first of three presidential debates. the campaign trail is quiet today as each campaign honkers down to study in the final
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hours. the president is in nevada sparring with massachusetts senator john kerry, playing the role of mitt romney. >> it's not so much winning or losing or the people themselves, the president and myself. it's about somethingigger than that. >> reporter: romney meanwhile is in denver. ohio senator rob port man is doing his best obama impersonation. it has the president beating nationally by three points within the margin of error. despite a rough couple of weeks, however, romney is well within striking distance. right here on the stage, for the first time the two candidates will go face to face. it will focus on domestic policy, things like healthcare and the economy. that's where mitt romney sees his opening. >> these debates are an opportunity for each of to us describe the path way forward. >> reporter: the public is basically split on who they think can do a better job,
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president obama with a one-point edge at the moment. a praise which hasn't had huge swings, everything can change in one night but both sides had tried to lower expectations. >> governor romney is a good debater. i'm just okay. >> about 6,000 to 8,000 people can fit in this arena behind me. you can expect a packed house. we are expecting tens of millions to watch from their homes, so the pressure is definitely on. speaking of voters, in pennsylvania they're not going to be required to show a photo i.d. at the polls. a judge is temporarily blocking it. a judge said he wasn't convinced that every voter would be able to get a valid i.d. the requirement is supported by republicans who said they're fighting voter fraud. democrats say it's a move to help republican candidates.
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that ruling is expected to be appealed. two "dancing with the stars." one on the show and after the show is over. george pennachio has the details for us. >> with a score of 27 out of 30, sabrina bryan and louis van amstel danced. >> thank you for that miss bryan. >> thank you. >> a half point behind, gilles marini and peta murgatroyd. he dropped his drawers. joey fatone butted in. shawn johnson and derek hough came in third.
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>> it's a step up from last week. >> apolo ohno and miner miner were a half appoint behind with helio castroneves and chelsie hightower. >> i couldn't have been happier with his job. >> tied for fifth. that's not bad. >> the couple that would make less mistakes will be there in the end. we'll try to improve next time. >> then a three way tie for seven, emmitt smith, cheryl burke, kym johnson. >> come on. i guess that's all we can do. >> kirstie alley and maksim chmerkovskiy next to last with bristol palin and mark ballas at the bottom.
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bristol palin's mom liked it. >> it was a fun night. >> katherine jenkins returns to the ballroom tonight but this time she will be the musical performer. george pennachio for abc2 news. another all new "dancing with the stars" all stars tonight or abc2 tonight at 8:00. that's two full hours followed by private practice and keep it here for abc2 news at 11. coming up all new at 6:00. when the storm hits and the pour is out -- power is out. bge's response time is critical. >> some lucky students got a chance to meet this guy. their eyes lit up when they met torrey smith. here's a preview of what's ahead
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at 6:30. >> are seats popping loose on american airlines? what we have learned today. what about the 2,000 delays in three days. what to ask if you're booking a flight.
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at the office did you yell across the room -- hey look at that cat. a new study shows that viewing cute images enhances your performance, that your motor skills will get better and your brains will work better when you see lovable objects like this on
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your screen. anne arundel police are warning you to be on the lookout. >> we have that story and much more. >> the suspect would visit him in h bedroom and sexual assault him there. >> a vol door firefighter accused of sexually assaulted a boy. >> he is charged with hoarding more than 40 exotic animals. >> three women abducted in baltimore county, two of them sexually assaulted. >> it has been a mess. look
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